10xiD Features

The 10xid Business ID pages are feature-packed pages. The pages come in 3 versions. A Social (free) version, with a predefined default design template and limited yet useful 10XiD features, the Business version allows you to fully customize your page to appear as you want it to look as well as unlock all the 10XiD features, and the VIP Version in case you want our team to custom design your 10XiD page for you.


  • Default Layout
  • Your Business Logo
  • Cover Picture
  • Business Name
  • Business Tagline
  • 6 Social Media Links
  • QR Code


  • Customizable Theme
  • Your Business Logo
  • Cover Picture
  • Business Name
  • Business Tagline
  • Business Description
  • Business Contact Information (Website, Phone, Email, Maps, etc.)
  • 12 Social Media Links
  • QR Code
  • SEO Setup
10XiD - Home Page - Digital Business Card

Why 10XiD

Here are some of the 10Xid features that make it stand out:

  • Cost-Effective – No hidden charges.
  • Simple & Elegant – They don’t say simplicity is the best for nothing, everyone appreciates something that’s simple and twice as useful when compared to something that’s flashy and lacks crucial information. See the example, here.
  • Single Page Solution – A single page that holds everything a customer needs to know about your business or personal profile.
  • Easy To Manage – Once you get a 10xid page you’d see that it’s as easy to manage as squeezing a lemon as opposed to managing a full-blown website.
  • One-Click Sharing Ability – Sharing your 10xid Page is just a click away. You’d send a link before your customer finishes asking for it.
  • Smooth & Simple User Experience – Going through a 10xid page is like sliding your finger on butter. With buttery smooth animations and transitions, you can rest assured knowing your customers are enjoying the experience.
  • Easy to Remember URLs: – Often people avoid long and chunky URLs and we recognize that. 10xid pages have an easy remember URL associated with them.
  • Excellent Customer Support – We provide the best customer service experience. Our ability to empathize with our customers is what makes our team so good at helping customers with the issues they may have.


  • Layout – The Page layout is what the page appears like. From all the user interface elements to the transitions and animations. It’s all part of what we call layout.
  • Your Business Logo – A graphic image that represents your business in a unique and artistic way. We allow our clients to add their own logo to make the page seem more authentic.
  • QR Code (Business) – A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that when scanned decodes into a website URL or any other specified information. Slap one of these QR codes on your car or shop and customers will be able to reach your 10xid page a lot faster.
  • Phone (Business) – Having a phone number on a business page is essential. It is the preferred medium of contact for a lot of people. And We let you add your phone number in a link so the customer can dial your number with just a touch.
  • Business Map Location – It is proved that most people do not believe that a business is legit unless it shows up on the map. You could show your business on the map on your 10xid page.
  • Website URL – We offer an additional link that redirects to your business website if you have one. Otherwise, it can redirect people to your personal profile instead.
  • Social Media Links – there are a lot of social media platforms where you have a profile for your business, and we will make sure you can link all of them on your 10xid business ID page.
  • SEO Setup (Business) – It is a pro 10XiD feature; it unlocks the ability for you to optimize your page for a better search engine appearance.