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Start increasing your Social Media Followers today by sharing your 10XiD with all your Contacts, Clients & Friends. Members can share their direct contact information including Phone Numbers, Email addresses, Physical Addresses, Social Media Links, etc.  Share what you want, your way!

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10XiD Features


We understand how important it is to stand out for a business. With 10XiD you get the power to customize the layout with your favourite colour palette and Icons.

Show Off Your Brand

Not only do we let you show off your company logo, but you can also choose your own background for both Desktop and Mobile versions of your 10XiD.

Blazing Fast Sharing

Sharing your 10XiD is as simple as scanning a QR code. With most modern phones having QR code scanning capability, you can share your 10XiD in seconds.

Give them Options

Everyone has a preferred way of contacting a business. 10XiD gives you the ability to include all possible ways for your audience to get in touch with you.

Let them find you Everywhere

There are a lot of navigation services that customers use to reach their destination. 10XiD allows you to include links for almost all navigation services, links that open directly in the respective apps.


Let your audience find you on all the major social media platforms. With a 10XiD page, you can include as many social media links as you wish.

Why you should have a 10XiD Page?

Popups for everything

With 10XiD, you can rest assured knowing that your links are organized in elegant popup windows. Keeping your 10XiD neat and clean, showing links when clicked on a button.

Make it your own

With 10XiD, you have full control over the colour palette, logo and background images. Represent your business in its truest form and colours.

Open links in native apps

The links you enter on your 10XiD are automatically optimized to open in their respective native apps installed on your phone. If in case you do not have the app installed, the link will open in a new browser window.

Choose your Icons

While adding a link, you have the option to choose your favourite icon that will show up with the link. Currently, we’re offering icons in light and dark themes.

Easy to remember URLs

All 10XiD pages have a simple, easy-to-remember URL. So, no need to use any URL shorteners.

Auto-generated links

For certain links such as a WhatsApp number, Google Maps address, Waze directions, etc all you have to do is enter the number and address, depending on the type of field it is. The system will generate the appropriate link automatically.

Minimal yet powerful

On the surface, a 10XiD page looks like a simple page on a website, but it is packed with all the information about your business. Think of it as your digital business card, that does way more than a traditional business card.

Responsive UI

It is a standard in today’s world that a web application should adapt to the device it is being viewed on. 10XiD pages are optimized to be viewed on devices of all sizes for a better user experience.

Register for a 10XiD

You’re just a few steps away from having your digital business card. Fill out the following form with the required information and we will send you a secure payment link to pay and start your subscription. You can cancel anytime.

Upload the logo and background images for your 10XiD. If you do not have any pictures at the moment, we will create something for you.