About 10XiD

About 10XiD Pages

In today’s day and age, it’s essential to have an online presence. Especially when there’s been a pandemic and all businesses are getting digital. Everything is on the internet these days, and if you’re not appearing in people’s search results, then it’s unlikely that someone will become your customer. The competition is higher than ever, with everyone pushing their businesses online.

So, it is important to be in the know and to help you get recognized online, 10XiD brings you the solution with our easy-to-set-up business ID pages. A business ID page? What does that entail you may be wondering. The short answer is that it’s a web page that will act as a mini-website for your business, containing all the necessary information for someone to reach you. 10XiD business ID pages are a perfect blend of simplicity and usefulness. 

10XiD Business ID pages are a very cost-effective solution for businesses looking to make an online presence. Compared to the heavy charges of having to pay for a website domain and hosting, a 10xid page is a lot gentler on your wallet. With just one quick URL you can share anything about your business from your contact details, and map location, to the links to all of your social media accounts, and a lot more. Here’s an example: VWT

By default, all 10xid pages come with a minimal yet attractive and useful design template, but they are highly customizable and can be turned into however you want them to appear, giving you the ability to get creative like a painter with a canvas. 


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